We Seek Absolute Value in Every Investment.

Balance Sheet Analysis

Well-financed companies with strong credit worthiness

Value of Underlying Assets

Fundamentally solid businesses and assets with readily ascertainable NAV

Discounted Price of its Securities

Companies selling at significant discounts to intrinsic value

Our Opportunistic, Value-Oriented Strategies

Third Avenue takes an unconstrained investment approach and pursues opportunities across market capitalizations and geographies. Our core strategies focus on our highest conviction ideas (typically outside common benchmarks) and capitalizing on value opportunities across market cycles.

High Conviction.
High Active Share.


Opportunistic. Eclectic. Go Anywhere.


Real Estate

Uncommon Approach to Global Real Estate



Small in Market Cap.  High in Quality.


Third Avenue Funds are offered only by prospectus. The prospectus contains important information, including investment objectives, risks, advisory fees and expenses. Please read the Prospectus carefully before investing or sending money. For a current Prospectus please visit our Fund Literature page on our website at www.thirdave.com/fund-literature/, or call 800-443-1021.

Distributor of Third Avenue Funds: Foreside Fund Services, LLC.